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A great way to the calm the mind/body, remove negativity and open up your chakras and energy systems.

CARRIE FISHER Dec.27, 2016

I'VE RELOCATED!                             And said "GOODBYE TO HOLLYWOOD!"

Lake Havasu City, AZ will have a new Ghostess this Summer with ALL new stories to tell!!!

PRINCE  April 21, 2016

Wheelchair Accessable to

Haunted Walk of Fame Tour Only

Alan Rickman Jan. 14, 2016

David Bowie-Jan 10, 2016

Rest In Peace


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NEW Ghost Tour in Lake Havasu City, AZ!

On our unique "Havasu Hauntings" Tour, learn about the historic London Bridge, sightings, and how-to use the paranormal  Equipment as we weave tales about lingering spirits in the desert to start your new journey as an educated Paranormal Investigator!  Skeptics welcome to have a good time learning some history.