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City of Dark Angels, LLC


Founded: 2014


Areas of expertise:  Paranormal, Tour Guide, Investigating, Spiritual, Theatre, Costumes, Make-Up, Reiki Healing, Bollywood Dancing...

Kimberly Christine

~The Hollywood Ghostess~

Los Angeles (aka The City of Angels) was a perfect inspiration for the City of Dark Angels concept.   With a jagged past, Los Angeles became a beacon for the Deadly Sins as the main cause of death.  Historic massacres, gangster activity, cults, and high hopes in a city of dreamers that often times couldn't handle the consequences that the film industry of Hollywood painted onto them.  Lust, Greed, Envy, Wrath, Pride, Sloth, and Gluttony.  And somehow Las Vegas ended up with the title, "The city of Sin"!  If they only knew it started here.  Join us on a haunted journey through Los Angeles/Hollywood as we take you by the hot spots of SoCals Golden Era, where you'll hear some spooky stories and learn about our great history along with hauntings of Howard Hughes, Marilyn Monroe, The Black Dahlia, other stars on the Blvd, and sadly some innocent victims as well.  Along the way, you will learn about ghosts, spirits, and other unseen entities as well as paranormal investigating and the equipment used on the shows you see.  Haunted Los Angeles city driving and sightseeing tours are in the making and soon to be released in November!

Consider this more of a "Paranormal-099" class in ghost hunts!  This will be your chance to get some fresh air on a ghost walk, take some photos, investigate some EVP's and learn a little about the dark side with a guide who is experienced in investigating and talking to spirits!  Would you believe when a group recently asked a spirit what pet did they own, "Beagle" was the first response by a young child!  The spirit world can be both heaven and hell for some lost souls.  Maybe they enjoy not being seen and watching the world evolve, while yet afraid to cross over. This is just one explanation of many.  We'll never really know until we hit that moment or have an experience ourselves.  Until then, put on your walking shoes, open your mind and enjoy our tour in place of your scheduled programming or typical night out.  It will sure leave many discussions thereafter and maybe even interest you in furthering your experience with investigations when you go out of town! 

Contact us to be a moderator for your next investigation or speaker for your curious class of kids-so they don't do anything stupid on their own!

"I'll see you, see you on the other side"  - Ozzy Osbourne              

Kim has been a longtime fan of the dark side.  Even during her childhood, fear was always an adrenaline rush-she loved to scare and loved being scared.  Her first career was as a Cosmetologist, but it bored her.  So she moved on to receive an MFA in Theatre and a minor in Film, she created Costumes and Make-up/FX for some of the biggest venues with Cirque Du Soleil and Blue Man Group.  Traveling to India just about every year and exploring different regions, she has attended workshops in Ayurveda, Dance, Martial Arts, and spirituality as well as bringing back the bounty of this wonderful culture to use in her creative designs for her online Etsy shop-
"The Escape Portal" with travel pillows and meditation accessories to promote a stress-free lifestyle as well as a new separate shop for fun and spooky designs for dogs and humans.

A move to Savannah, GA (the most haunted city in the US) confirmed her love for the paranormal.  Always passionate in the sciences and a profound curiosity in quantum physics, she eventually came on board working as a paranormal investigator at the most haunted site in Savannah-The Gribble House Paranormal Experience (with the perfect timing of appearing in a re-inactment scene for Ghost Adventures-don't blink, you'll miss her).  She also worked at Moon River Brewing, which was another hot spot for paranormal activity and it gave her more opportunities to talk about the history and "how-to" investigate the supernatural to tourists and families alike.  The children loved her twist on tales as she often gave them the shivers.  With more than 150 investigations under her trenchcoat, (as she talks to the dead 3-5 nights a week) you'll never expect so much from the dark (and light) side! And maybe‚Ķ just maybe, you may hear from them yourselves on our Hollywood Ghost Tours!!

Most relevant, is her work as a Usui Reiki Master, for both humans and animals!  As Reiki is a great addition to the spirit world for removing negative energies as well as connecting and opening up to the unseen world.  If you are interested in a Reiki session please use the Contact Us form or call (323) 863-6681 and we'll get you started on opening up to the healing benefits of Reiki.   She Loves teaching Bollywood Dance and Coaching others towards a healthier lifestyle and becoming Independent Business Owners. 
She continues her education as a Reiki Master and attends seminars on spirituality, psychic/mediumship/intuitive development and crystal healing.