Same day RSVP's must be called in for availability


Join me and the pack for our WEEKLY Haunted Pub Crawl Tour!  We'll head on down to crazy, historic Hollywood, on a roughly 1 mile/3.5 hour walking (crawling) tour of haunted pubs and historic speakeasies.  We'll stop inside 3-4 places for about 20+ mins, have one drink**, and you'll learn about the spirits that permanently reside in the building as well as other haunted stories en route.   You will learn how to use ghost hunting equipment (discreetly) and talk to spirits so you can take your new skills and explore destinations from a different perspective. Please bring a set of earbuds if you have them (I do have extras).

And since this is a special event, you are more then welcome to dress** the part, while keeping the weather and 1+ miles of walking in mind!  Flapper, Gangster, Starlet....

RSVP by 3 pm as space is very limited.  Call
(323) U GET OUT, that's (323) 843-8688 with any questions.

*It will always fall outside of the weekend (Sun-Thu) as weekends on the Blvd are crazy and very distracting. The two days 

 before and after the full moon still brings about lots of activity!

***21 yrs and over Only.  *Unfortunately (as of yet) Drinks are not included in this tour because of so many different tiers of tastes.   Though, some "treats" will be included to offset paying for drinks.   Wear good walking shoes, and bring extra water, Drink responsibly and have a back-up plan for your ride back home (unless talking with the ghosts sobers you up :).  Be aware that high levels of intoxication can leave you vulnerable to spirit attachments that we cannot guarantee removal of.   Parking Meters run until 8 pm weekdays.  This event can run up to 4 hours. A great way to spend an evening meeting people and having fun with like-minded people and socializing.  NO VOUCHERS accepted for this specialty event.