Hollywood Ghost Tours-(13+ yrs)

Spend 2.5 hours on our Hollywood Ghost Tours as we take you on a 1-mile Ghost walk along the East Side's Walk of Fame.  Hear stories about the tortured souls that still linger on the boulevard and inside the historical theaters, pubs and hotels.  Hear of first-hand witness accounts of sightings and paranormal experiences, including mine!  Some are of the troubled famous celebrities themselves and others are of the unfortunate unknowns.  You will learn about ghost hunts and equipment and perform a mini-investigation at one spot to see who we can pick up.  Just enough experience to start you on your journey of Ghostbusting!

*Must be fairly active and able to keep a good pace.   Ghost Tour companies are not allowed inside properties as they are all open for business with some people who do not like to know or hear about ghosts.    Some graphic story-telling and language will be used.   Everyone bring earbuds/headphones for our EVP sessions.